I don’t belong here….

One time about six years ago I went three weeks without eating anything…that’s right nothing but water for 21 days, all the while continuing to work out and see patients in a pretty busy Emergency Room.  Only around the 18th day did I over hear a nurse tell one of the orthopedic technicians, “He is a nut.”

Another time five of my brothers and I rented a stretch limo to drive a hundred and eighty miles in order to bungee jump out of a hot air balloon tethered in an open field somewhere in central California.  The only dangerous part was sliding across the top of the limo from the front sunroof to the rear sunroof while traveling 80 mph on the freeway drive home.

And then there was the time I skied into the lower Russian lakes on the winter solstice with several friends on our twice yearly solstice camping trip.  It was twenty below zero and we had to thaw out our words in order  to hear what each other was saying.  It was not a great idea to take a large slug from my Calestoga water bottle filled with Grand Marnier.  (Scientific fact: alcohol freezes at a much lower temperature than water and tends to take on the ambient temperature of its immediate surroundings)

In the December issue of ‘Masters Athlete’ I was named ‘Men’s 60-69 Masters Athlete of the Year’ for riding my road bike over 12,000 miles in 121 days.  My wife of 39 years was my sag driver and over all support person as we averaged over a hundred miles a day; taking only one day off to eat fried pies and visit my lovely Aunt Dody in Savannah, Georgia. 

I have read the sports bios of the other nominees and winners and I am in awe of their athletic achievements.  I am not sure I belong here…

That said, this blog will be about (with the same proviso as ‘Mission Impossible’)  our ride, thirty years of Emergency Medicine in Alaska and the off beat training adventures (see above) accumulated over the years.

Happy to answer any and all questions about whatever…



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