Goin’ green

USA Triathlon last week announced another green sponsor. This time it’s EcoSportsBottle.com. The company, according to a press release issued by USA Triathlon, “produces a line of environmentally friendly products, including hydration bottles and Eco Goody Bags, that are sure to appeal to multisport athletes and event directors.” The bottles are apparently recyclable.“USAT is committed to focusing on the sustainability of triathlon, and EcoSportsBottle.com comes aboard as an ideal partner in a critical time for promoting our ‘GoGreen’ message,” said Tim Yount, USA Triathlon’s SVP-marketing and Communications. “These products are healthy, environmentally sustainable, and super lightweight.  What else could the multisport community ask for in a water bottle?” That sounds great to me. I’m just wondering how it plays with you triathlets and cyclists out there. How important to you to compete in a race that’s environmentally friendly?



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2 responses to “Goin’ green

  1. Joe Moore

    I just had a total hip replacement. Is there anyone out there who has had this surgery and is back on their bike. What can I expect? To ride as well as before or not. I have been riding seriously for 35 years. Thank you, Joe

  2. docquixoted

    Hi Joe,
    My pal Malcolm Appleton suffered a slo-mo crash in a VT. stage race two summers ago and broke his hip — at age 70. After a winter of dutiful re-hab, he came back the next season in remarkable form, and despite a bit of discomfort, he bettered his TT times! Bottom line, with the right attitude and hard work, it sounds as if it can be done.
    Best of luck!

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