Attention: 3rd-place finishers

Cyclists competing in state senior games have occasionally complained to me that 3rd-place finishers in cycling events– unlike in almost every other sport in the senior games — didn’t qualify for the National Senior Games. Only the two two finishers qualified. Now that’s changed. Third-place finishers in cycling (and tennis) are now eligible to compete in the National Senior Games, which are for athletes 50+ and are held every two years. The 2009 Games will take place in the San Francisco Bay area on Aug. 1-15. But cyclists can still argue they’re getting the short end of the stick. That’s because 4th-place finishers in every other sport are now eligible for the National Senior Games.


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  1. Uhhh, that would be me. Not to mention we also lost 5+months of event-specific training since the qualifier, in which we didn’t know we might be eligible for nationals! Oh well, another year.

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