Riding for good causes

Two organizations in cycling and triathlon are offering new ways to make your participation help others. Ritchey Design, a San Carlos, Calif.-based manufacturer of bike components, announced earlier in January that it is working with Plus 3 Network, a social networking Web site, to increase awareness and fundraising efforts for the nonprofit organization, Project Rwanda. By selecting Ritchey Design as a sponsor, Plus 3 members can choose to raise money for Project Rwanda with every mile they ride, walk, run or swim. The relationship between Ritchey and Project Rwanda went live on www.plus3network.com on January 7, 2009. Project Rwanda was founded by Ritchey Design founder Tom Ritchey in 2005.USA Triathlon, which is based in Colorado Springs, Colo., announced in January that it has expanded its “Go Green” initiative by partnering with Athletes for a Fit Planet in 2009. FitPlanet will consult with USA Triathlon on making its four national championship events more environmentally friendly. “Our “Go Green” initiative and our partnership with FitPlanet take our responsibility to the next level by offering race directors the resources they need to minimize the environmental impact of their events and educating our members on where to find eco-friendly races in their area,” Skip Gilbert, USA Triathlon CEO, said.  I’m certain these are just two of many organizations in cycling and triathlon that are helping others. Please let us know about other charitable work in the sports.


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